Friday, December 22, 2006

The early bird gets the shaft

Cliche writers are stupid. Early to bed and early to rise in fact makes a man just as sick, just as broke, and subject to a lot of daytime TV.

This past Monday I got up early to run some errands. Simple stuff. Just making a deposit at the bank and picking up a package at the post office. Nothing major.

So at 9am I went to the bank, which is all of 137 feet from my apartment. Now this is the bank where when I once had to wait 4 minutes to be served the teller apologized for the wait. I've never been more than third in line, but this morning, there were at least 15 people in a line that reached out to the ATM vestibule. I bailed.

The post office was worse, because I got to see the early morning damage. The line which usually snakes and doubles back on itself had tripled back on itself out the door and back in to the post office. And the really annoying part was that by the time I got my package, the line had dwindled back to a normal line.

And when I went back to the bank, no one was in line. I filled out the deposit slip and moved directly to the open teller.

I should have learned my lesson from before always to sleep in.