Monday, October 16, 2006

Why can't they just smell like shampoo?

For a while I had been using a relatively expensive brand of shampoo, and while the price per bottle is high, it is very thick, and two bottles cleansed my head for about a year and a half.

Now I'm using a shampoo that cost about half as much, but my early projections indicate that it will last less than 3 months. So despite it being cheaper, it is in the long run, more expensive. I guess I'm paying for all the glitzy commercials that influenced me to buy it in the first place.

But the strange thing is that at the moment of applying shampoo to hair, they both emit odd scents that resemble in no way cleanliness. The less expensive one smells of pot smoke, and the more expensive one smells a bit like vomit.

The smells disapate withing seconds, but they are distinct enough to completely alter my showering experience. It's hard to sing Wilson Philips songs with the scent of vomit in the steamy air.


At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some people wash their hair in pot smoke and/or vomit. You shouldn't be so judgey.


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