Monday, April 17, 2006

The new best thing on the Internet EVRAH

Sketch Swap is awesome, yo. Check it out. You sketch something. Anything. And you get something in return. Anything.

It reminds me of the Zen Board.

You draw on it with a brush and water, and it looks like ink, but it completely disappears when it dries. It has to do with the impermenance of beauty and of life. What we create is only temporary, and we have to enjoy it while it lasts.

Or it's just some new way to kill time.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

We can't kill him!

There are a lot of fan/fake trailers out there, and a lot of them are pretty bad, but this one is okay. It's a bit long, but it's pretty funny in parts.

I had this idea for a Titanic TV show. Each episode would follow a different group of passengers' journey--why they were leaving Europe, what they hoped for in America, their interactions on the ship, and how they acted as it was going down. And the suspense would come in from seeing if each episode's main character lives or dies. But the best part is that once a week, loyal viewers would get to see Leonardo di Caprio drown. Fun stuff.

But as far as fake trailers go, it doesn't get better than Shining. Maybe Brokeback to the Future.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The best thing on the Internet EVER

The good people at GM have provided the world with endless potential for entertainment with its latest Chevy Tahoe promotion. I think the idea was originally to promote the car and NBC's The Apprentice by allowing people to put together a car commercial, but my generation's penchant for for cynicism and cleverness knows no bounds--especially on the Internet.

So go watch mine. Then make your own and leave a comment with the link to yours.

Here are some others from viewers of Rocketboom.

I hate buses

I had to take a bus on Friday. I hate buses.

A video gig I randomly snagged had me trekking out to the middle of nowhere Queens--Floral Park, which is 30 minutes by bus beyond the end of the F train. Or, as I calculate it, it's 35 minutes on foot.

Few sounds irritate me more than the incessant dinging of the Stop Request bell, particularly when it comes immediately after the bus pulls away from its previous stop. This says to me that there is yet another person too lazy to walk the 100 feet between stops. Between 179th St and 256th St, we must have made at least 40 stops, my blood pressure rising with each jerky acceleration and sudden brake for oblivious pedestrians. Aren't people afraid of getting hit by a bus any more?

Of course I'm fully aware that this all stems back to my hatred of taking city the bus in high school, which took 2 hours every day and only got me halfway home. And a lot of that hatred stemmed from my hatred of taking the school bus in middle school, which took 2 hours every day, and during the last hour, I was among the local bullies' favorite pastimes. Every now and then when I'm photographing a hot model, I think about how those kids must be doing now. I wonder if the graveyard shift at 7-11 is as fulfilling.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The clouds burst

This is just in case you'd like to look at an eagle's nest.

Of course it's kinda silly to have it on 24 hours a day when there's no infrared or even a really high-gain setting on the camera. It gets pretty dark out there in Canada.